Source Dance Company presents: Reporting Live!

Every year I get the privilege of writing the review for the Source Dance Company’s Year End Showcase. And, as usual, my job has been made easy. I had a sneak peak of the Source Company’s rehearsals a couple of weeks before the show, which gave me more than enough to get excited about, but didn’t do anything to prepare me for what I saw on stage. I’m just going to come out and say it….Source got SWAG!


The show started off with a creative and playful contemporary piece by Jeff Mortensen. The energy by all was infectious right off the bat, and the audience just ate it up. We were already in love. Next was the piece I was most excited to see, (and while watching it dying to be IN), a jazz funk piece by the only and only Chris Payne Dupre. Chris’s choreography + David Bowie + plus lead dancer Ben Ritter = Magic. 


The show was a based on breaking news stories, situated around a young aspiring newscaster who started at the bottom of the barrel on his career path (behind the camera), and worked his way to the top. Each piece displayed a new moment or story he encountered in his career. It worked very well. 


The show continued with a fabulous hip hop number by Natasha Gorrie, an intriguing gypsy number by Anton Lim, and a quirky contemporary piece by Heather Laura Gray and Louise Hradsky. This was followed by a humorous and entertaining JP Tarlit number, a hard-hitting dynamic duo danced byTaylor Boschman and Hannah Henney, in to a beautiful contemporary piece by Sarah Brinson. The first half ended with a beautiful 911 tribute by Source Company Director, Joanne Pesusich. 


Throughout the whole first half (and the whole show, really), we were all in awe by the dancers’ abilities to not only 110% commit to back-to-back numbers with more than expected energy, but the ability to go from such grounded, hard-hitting hip hop numbers to such gracious and emotional contemporary numbers. Source has always been a solid technical company, but they have upped the anti in their urban skills this year.


The second half continued Joanne’s military story with a riveting urban piece, which was followed by a beautiful portrayal of three couples reunited after the troops returned home, and their struggles to reconnect. Stu Iguidez took the show to a story about crop circles, Heather Dotto played with the story of today’s youth, and Moses Asher Christian created a very touching and honest piece about homophobia. Kim Sato did her best with a Michael Jackson tribute, and Heather Gray created two more fantastically entertaining and compelling stories. The show ended with a piece by the incredible Christina Woodard, and a Joanne Pesusich traditional jazz funk number.  


I was thoroughly impressed not just with the dancers but the choreographers this year. Each number had a powerful story behind it, and not one lacked in entertainment. Kudos to every brilliant artist who was involved. The energy that was created on that stage was infectious and mesmerizing; a truly special dynamic between Joanne, her dancers, and their choreographers. Every Source show brings energy and fun, but this year it hit a level I’ve never felt before. I don’t know what it was, but I know it will be hard to top. Was every number perfectly together? No. Did it matter? Not really. I would much rather watch a group of dancers pour their hearts and souls out on stage than be perfectly in-sync little robots. I will say, a part of me feels with slightly less numbers, the show could have been more tight. I would have also liked to have seen the student choreography pieces a little more together. However, I did catch the dancers’ third run in Vancouver, and if they gave it as much in the first two shows as they did in the third, they must have been exhausted. But other than a few missed counts here and there, you couldn’t tell. The passion and personality was all there, and that’s what counts. 


In my opinion, Source Dance Company represented all the Vancouver dancers out there, that just love what they do, will do anything short of bunking four to a room and eating noodles for dinner, spending every waking moment in a studio busting their a**, just for a chance to live out a dream. No one knows the sacrifices a dancer makes to do what they do, and Source showed just how hard Vancouver dancers especially, are willing to work and train, to prove to the world that we are here, and we are damn talented. 


The Source Dance Company’s next audition is Saturday July 14th!
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