Dana Foglia (Beyonce)


 Futuristic, athletic, fearless, mesmerizing, super human dancing. All of these words have been used to describe Dana Foglia and her company. Artistic Director/Choreographer, Dana Foglia is truly on the cutting edge of commercial hip hop and contemporary fusion. She and her dancers bring incredible classical technique with strength, raw … [Read more...]

A Modern-Day Epidemic


 Picture this…You walk into someone’s home. Let’s name her Consuela Banana-Hammock. (Friends just rebirthed on Netflix. I had to do it.) You peel off your jacket and hang it up by the door, and slip out of your shoes, leaving them neatly placed on the front foyer … [Read more...]

Stewart Iguidez (The Faculty)


  Stewart Iguidez is an extraordinarily eclectic freestyle dancer and choreographer. He is greatly respected for his dance contribution to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. His dance style is the ultimate fusion of urban movement consisting of b-boying, popping, house, new jack swing, tutting, isolation and video dance. A … [Read more...]

Megan Preston (Founder of Dance London)


  If there was one person in the London dance scene that you should meet, it would be Megan Preston. This powerhouse woman is not afraid to speak her mind, stand out from the crowd, and make bold choices. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop … [Read more...]

Ashley Sweett presents: Bated Breath

Shannyn Higgins Photography (web sized) 10

 Sweett Moves presents Bated Breath: a dance theatre project showcasing a collective of established and emerging artists working in dance, theatre, music and the visual arts. Artistic Director, Ashley Sweett curates a three-part performance sharing of selected solo and group choreography considered to reflect the parallels between … [Read more...]

London Dancers Challenge: Talent vs Typecast


  The dance industry can be a gruelling one. It can be harsh, and it can be cruel. But sometimes as artists, we forget how much control we actually do have. This industry, our life, is what we make it. We can spend it listening to what others think we … [Read more...]

Inside: UnTitled Dance Company


 UnTitled is a London based dance company founded by Got Tp Dance winner 2013 Lukas McFarlane. It is a strictly talent based company rather than judging on looks or typecasts. Lukas is inspired by each individual and what they can bring to the table that is unique to them. … [Read more...]

Broadway By Donation

Broadway Donation Logo

 Having just celebrated their one-year anniversary this fall, Broadway Donation is the hottest place to take class in New York City. Mike Kirsch and J. Austin Eyer created Bro-Do to allow musical theatre artists of all economic backgrounds to continue their training from some of the top choreographers and … [Read more...]