Lex Burnham (The danceLAB)


  Since before she was born, Lex Burnham's older sister Shay has been enrolled in dance. Her mother encouraged her to try a class at the age of two and a half, and she was hooked!   Lex: My mom played a huge role in my dancing, but my older … [Read more...]

Interview with Spiderman’s Jodi McFadden


 After over 1000 performances and a very epic run, Spiderman: The Musical, finally closed its doors. Canadian triple threat, Jodi McFadden, answers a few questions about her experiences from the audition process, rehearsals, opening an original, high profile Broadway hit, as well as making her Broadway debut! … [Read more...]

Pippin (Broadway Review)


  A weekend New York City is a lot like a weekend in Vegas – too short, overwhelming, and so many options of what to see! A ticket to a Broadway show can run you quite a few pennies, and after a day of taking classes at eighteen bucks a … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Build Your Confidence


    With 175 + dance studios just in the lower mainland, there are hundreds of thousands of dancers, just in BC alone, leaving their home studio every night with the wish of becoming a professional dancer one day. With the competition being so stiff, how do you set yourself … [Read more...]

on the Move’s Panel of Experts

Meet Your Mentors_Established Artist Panel_OTM 2014

 There is no substitute for experience, but if you have none, what do you do? At the DTRC’s on the MOVE, you lean on someone else’s. The most engaging part of this past February’s conference was the mentor panel, where experienced professional dancers based out of Vancouver, talked … [Read more...]

Doing Whatever It Takes: A Dangerous Habit


  This article is in response to an article I posted on my Facebook wall: http://skepchick.org/2014/02/the-female-athlete-triad- not-as-fun-as-it-sounds/  Disclaimer: What you are about to read my anger you, upset you or affect you in some way, shape or form. Please be advised.   Hi, my name is Michelle and I … [Read more...]

5 Steps To A Successful Workout


Many people have problems achieving their personal fitness goals. Most people have a goal, but they lack the ability to get from where they are to where they want to be, and hope they do enough good things to beat out the negative things; essentially hoping their goal gets achieved … [Read more...]

Meet My Boyfriend


  I’m seeing this guy. It’s only been about a year and a half but it’s become pretty serious. I’m not gonna lie…I can never stop thinking about him. Even the instances when I try to take a moment to go do other things, he always finds his way back … [Read more...]